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Canopy Cleaning can be a difficult maintaining process if kept dirty.

Without Canopy Cleaning service, your kitchen faces health risk and hazards such as Fire and Exhaust system break downs which is why it is recommended a Canopy Clean are to be done every half year.

Get your Canopy Cleaned and comply with Australian Standard 1851.6.

Our Cleaners

Clean both Internal and External of Exhaust Canopy reducing the risk of Fire Hazards. The grease cleaners are highly trained and experts in accordance to Australian standards. In order to clean your kitchens canopies and eliminate the risk of fire and damaging or destroying your kitchen.

Along with canopy grease cleaning, we also provide services for kitchen tools and fan exhaust.

The cleaner not only removes the grease from your kitchen’s exhaust and fans but also install new Cyclo Exhaust fan in its place to ensure that the kitchen canopy is there to last. The exhaust fan also has its internal parts cleaned out to maximise airflow, both reducing the risk of fire and prolonging the quality of the exhaust system.

Cleaning your kitchen tools is also important to a safer and cleaner workplace. This is important because one risk of dirty kitchen tools is that it would risk building up odours and pests.

Our trained cleaners can clean a variety of dirty kitchen equipment including Ovens, Stove-top, Char Grill, Wok burners, and Stainless steel Walls. Furthermore, another benefit to a cleaner kitchen is that you spend less time cleaning your tools after work and your inspection rating will be higher all operated in Melbourne.

DLV Ozwide Canopy Cleaners - Oriental spoon

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