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If you have a drawing blueprint with measurements. We are able to construct it, develop it and surely fabricate any sort of custom stainless steel products.

So what you want it to be?
There are plenty of choices as Benchtops and Sinks, Topmount, Undermount or Flushmount, square or round in shape, drainer or removable drainer, and more. The choices may be bewildering, so consider a sink that offers a balance between your lifestyle needs, functionality, budget, and aesthetic preference.


Our licensed professional welder will guarantee your product will last many years.

We can deliver and/or professionally install your custom stainless steel
Benchtops and Sinks  products to your home or business.


We can do delivery & Installation
within Trading Hours.

Using only durable stainless steel
materials made to not break.

Things consider while deciding on the Benchtops and Sinks


Key tip: Bear in mind, the uses of kitchen is the sink. In fact, you spend much time rinsing dishes, washing-up, soaking pans, draining pots, filling saucepans, peeling vegetables, washing produce, washing your hands, and so on. This is definitely a lot of action involved in this one component in the kitchen and so you cannot afford to take any strain.

Key considerations:
Choosing the Benchtop Kitchen Sink must be done keeping in mind its function. Here are a few considerations to take into understanding:

+ How it will fit the overall kitchen design?
+ Which is the right place for sink functionality and is it aesthetically pleasing?
+ Is there sufficient place for your dishes?
+ Is the bowl big and deep to accommodate your trays, cooking pots, dishes, and boards?
+ Is the sink suitable and facilitated for easy rinsing and stacking?

On considering Benchtops and Sinks also, do look at other popular styles, types, and makes to get the best solution for your Kitchen.

Sizes for your custom Stainless Steel is possible for us, we can go on site and measure to develop the right solution.