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Our Exhaust Duct targets Commercial and Industrial client’s, with quality
sheet metal and duct work manufacturing service with installation.


Quality Exhaust Duct are a must in all commercial and industrial ventilation. There is a need for the Exhaust Ducts in Commercial and Industrial settings to prevent the equipment and the workers from getting exposed to fumes, airborne chemicals, oil mists, dust, solvent vapours, and many other Air Contaminants.


The duct work range we provide are:

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We can do delivery & Installation
within Trading Hours.

We can do Complete Stainless Steel Kitchen Fit out and Installation.

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Buying quality Exhaust Duct is important for Commercial and Industrial Setting


Role of the exhaust duct

An Exhaust Duct permits exhaust ventilation efficiently and is more powerful in eliminating the airborne unwanted materials from the environment. There are many varieties of duct hose products helping in ventilating the air, dust, and chemical fumes, thereby meeting your applications demands.


Checklist of Items

DLV can also install new Kitchen exhaust fans with wiring done by electricians and these steps:

Choose the exhaust fan of the right size for the application:

Install the fan above the stove, or in the wall

Vent the fan to the outside: away from the attic.

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